John Moore on the Arab World Revolutions

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// Photographer John Moore on his latest assignment – a six-week trip through Egypt, Bahrain and Libya.



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Dos espectáculos mais brutais que vi na vida.

The Wall live | The Trial

Producer And Director:
Roger Waters
Production Designer: Mark Fisher
Video Content Director And Creator: Sean Evans
Original Illustrations: Gerald Scarfe
Set Design: The Mark Fisher Studio
Wall Construction and Projector Shutters: Tait Technologies
Video/Projection: XL Video
Lighting: PRG
Audio: Clair Global
Pyrotechnics: Strictly FX
Custom Projector Cradles, Spotlight Automation, Motion Control: SGPS
Puppets: Air Artists
Puppets Control: Brilliant Stages
Flying Pig: Mobile Air Ships
Engineering: McLaren Engineering Group


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// Written & Directed by Ruairi Robinson – Cinematography by Macgregor

A rare view of polar bears

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CBS News/60 Minutes’ Bob Simon reports on the latest “spy-cam” techniques used by wildlife filmmakers to show animals – in this case, polar bears – up-close and in a way audiences have never seen them before.

// A kind of making-of – Scotch on glacier: a guided tour of the Arctic