Ok guys. I think we did a viral

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A ideia saíu numa das reuniões de brainstorming para a campanha. Era suposto criarmos um vídeo online, low-budget, que funcionasse como vídeo de referência para um concurso que pede aos participantes que enviem videos deles a dar toques de bola. E feito como a maioria dos videos que vemos no youtube, ou seja, tecnicamente descuidados… A nível conceptual, fomos buscar o “ping pong matrix” para experimentá-lo aqui numa versão de futebol surreal. Eis então os “ninjas” da bola. Cenário preto, dois jogadores, e a bola mágica 😉

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(Update: o video que estava teve de ser substituído, pelo que a estatística voltou a zeros |

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Cliente: McDonald’s || Campanha: Desafio 1 Euro


Boolab’s world

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An audiovisual index for Yorokobu nº3. At Boolab, Nico Casavecchia took on the challenge, writing and directing this delicate 2’30” piece that subtly alludes to some of the key articles in the magazine, taking meticulous care over the direction of the photography.

Check also Boolab’s opening titles for Slamdance Festival ||

E vale muito a pena investigar o trabalho deles em geral: www.boolab.tv

This is Universal Everything

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Quantos terabytes tem o teu?

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VERBATIM CHAMPIONSHIP WEBSITE: Online fighting game to celebrate launching a Japanese branch of an American media company Verbatim. All the monsters are made of their removable media. (via TheFWA)

The Butcher

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DoP & Colorist: Leandro Ferrão

Camera Operator: David Marques

Focus Puller: Maria João Gonçalves

Sound Design: João Abreu

Graffiti willies and hoohoos

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Another in a proud tradition of naughty anti-AIDS spot from TBWA Paris. (via Creativity Online)

The Ghostvillage Project

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The Ghostvillage Project was created over 3 days on the west coast of Scotland. 6 artists – Timid, Remi/Rough, System, Stormie Mills, Juice 126, Derm – were given free reign to paint in an abandoned 1970s village. Working together on huge collaborative walls and individually in hidden nooks and crannies all over the site the artists realised long held dreams and were inspired by the bleakness and remoteness of the site. Drawing on the history of the village the artists’ stated intent on completion of the project was to populate the ghostvillage with the art and characters that it deserved.

LEGO Click Community

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Directing duo, Blue Source, recently teamed up with the crew at A52/Rock Paper Scissors to deliver this short film for Lego. Right up Blue Source’s alley, this piece maintains a perfect balance of surreal humor, whimsical narrative and concept reinforcing techniques.

Exploiting all the shared resources of A52/RPS (including one of Elastic’s front-men Andy Hall as VFX-sup), this seamless collaboration is a testament to creative synergy taking place in this continually evolving creative shop. (via Motionographer)

The Uniqlo Calendar

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The Uniqlo Calendar provides users with a screensaver or blog widget that may be branded to Uniqlo but is also useful and charming. It offers users the date as well as a weather report. This can be set to different cities all over the world. It features photographs of Tokyo, shot using tilt-shift photography. The sales technique then comes in when a user clicks on an image, which breaks into a mosaic of small boxes, each containing an item of Uniqlo clothing suitable for the current weather. (via Creative Review)

Slow Motion Waltz

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Edit de alguns dos estaladões que filmámos a 300 fps para uma campanha dos CTT – Bilheteira Online. O produto final é um só estaladão em slow motion, trabalhado depois em pós-produção para deixar uma marca na cara com o nome de uma banda (Mika, Adam Green, Skunk Anansie).

Client: CTT | Agency: Fullsix Portugal | Actor: Francisco Luz (Loft – Elite) | Cam: Casio EX-F1